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It didn't work.

I have followed all of the instructions in this movie and for some reason it will not work! I have tried everything from electric taping to putting a new battery in. I honestly do not know what I did wrong. Taking the back off of the camera was very hard, so I had to pry it off. Doing that might have damaged the inside, I do not know. For some reason it won't work for me. The instructional video was a bit too fast to follow, so I watched it several times.
My crappy, thin, copper wiring will not work for some reason, and copper is supposed to be the best for conducting electricity.
It will not work for me, but what you did obviously worked for you.

I completely followed your instructions, paying attention to every detail, but for some reason I can't get it to work.

Is there any possible solution to this? I have even bought the same type of camera used in this video, a Kodak Fun Saver.
I followed every step, but I could not manage to get it to work.

Very good concept

I liked the original animation style, and the fact that you can see it from the Stormtrooper's perspective. The only flaw of this movie is the fact the the lasers they fired at eachother were not the right color.

In Star Wars, the Rebel Alliance as well as much of the Empire's troops and ground based units, such as AT-AT's and AT-ST's fire red lasers. Only the Imperial Star Destroyers and the TIE Fighters have been shown to fire green lasers.

I knew John Kerry was a traitor.

That is why I didn't want him to win last year's election, it's not like I favored Bush any better, I just simply didn't trust John Kerry as being president, sure his war service was heroic, but the fact that he later turned against our troops during that time made me not want Kerry as president. He lost the election but apparently a lot of people then, had the view "anything but Bush"

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Very Good

This game was so awesome, but I have a suggestion to make it better, you should be able to pick up enemy weapons like the chain and the lead pipe so you could use it against them, and I enjoyed the weapons and the adrenaline concept was very ingenious.

I only wish that there would be more than one mission but I guess that would be too big of a file size to be on Newgrounds.

So I hope there will be a sequel to this, because this is a very cool game.

I mean, who cares if it has sticks in it?
This game is awesome as it is, especially the weapons that come into use like the chainsaw and the Uzis.

Too Easy.

The game is just too easy, I beat it with Pico by simply holding down the "s" key on my keyboard. The part about Strawberry clock being so easy to kill was funny.


But not as good. There could of been, more weapons to choose from. The game also needed more enemies. Effort was put into this, but it could've been better. I wish flash authors would actually play the games they make, to see how worthy it is, before actually submitting it.
All in all, this was a fine game. Not the best, but certainly not the worst I've seen.

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