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Very Good

This game was so awesome, but I have a suggestion to make it better, you should be able to pick up enemy weapons like the chain and the lead pipe so you could use it against them, and I enjoyed the weapons and the adrenaline concept was very ingenious.

I only wish that there would be more than one mission but I guess that would be too big of a file size to be on Newgrounds.

So I hope there will be a sequel to this, because this is a very cool game.

I mean, who cares if it has sticks in it?
This game is awesome as it is, especially the weapons that come into use like the chainsaw and the Uzis.

Too Easy.

The game is just too easy, I beat it with Pico by simply holding down the "s" key on my keyboard. The part about Strawberry clock being so easy to kill was funny.


But not as good. There could of been, more weapons to choose from. The game also needed more enemies. Effort was put into this, but it could've been better. I wish flash authors would actually play the games they make, to see how worthy it is, before actually submitting it.
All in all, this was a fine game. Not the best, but certainly not the worst I've seen.


This was awsome, the weapons were good, and the doom style health was a nice touch. An amazingly well done flash. This deserves a 5.

This game is awsome!

Here's really awsome character I made:

Head: Smooth-Peach/Flesh colored.
Hair: Friz-Red.
Mouth: Smooth-Peach/Flesh colored.
Teeth: Spikes.
Eyes: X-Black with Red Pupils.
Nose: Bump.
Ears: Hanging-Red.
Body: Mecha-Gray and Gray.
Belly: Shell-Gray.
Arms: Beefy-Peach/Flesh colored.
Hands: Evil-Peach/Flesh colored.
Legs: Mecha-Gray.
Shoes: Spiked-Red with Black strips.
Socks: White.
Tail: Pointy-Red.

You should end up with an evil satan-like creature.

P.S. I made the Body, Belly and Legs Mecha so he wouldn't look like a naked freak!

Wow! So Awsome!

This game should be #1 in the portal easy! This game kicks Alien Hominids ass! I finally made it past the warpitzes but I can't get past the Tundrapitzes! How long did this game take to make? This is awsome! So many enemies! So many different moves!
This should be on the front page for a very long time!


This game is SWEET! I've NEVER found quite a game like it! It's VERY original! If anyone wants to know how to light the candles you just have to take the candles out of your inventory and put them next to the already lit candles INSIDE the church and they WILL light! I was a bit lost myself! but I somehow figured out how to light those candles!

and the first password is: DEEPNET
all in Capital letters!

Nice game!

but I can't figure out how to enter the codes! ^_^ can anyone help me? this game has alot of humor! I'd so it's worth a try.


I loved it, I beat it! It was fun! This game IS very well-made! To beat this game you have to piss a certain way!(make sure none of the piss goes outside the john!) The lock pick and nightvision parts look exactly as it would in a real splinter cell game! which is awsome!

Awsome Game!

This game is awsome! but i can't figure out how to open doors! I love this game! It should of got a higher score! I just can't stop playing it!
How did you make the game so authentic! The alarm that goes off if the enemy catches you sounds EXACTLY like one of those old WWII Nazi police sirens! Very good job on the game!

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